Come As You Are: A Virtual Author Event (7 pm EDT)

Jaded Ibis Press invites you to Come As You Are: A virtual discussion between Carly Israel, the author of SECONDS AND INCHES (forthcoming from Jaded Ibis…
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Come as you are! Comfy pants, open minded, hungry for authenticity and stories. 7 pm EST.

An excerpt on marriage & divorce from my memoir:

“A story of loss and redemption, of the battle and will to survive, and of finally understanding that life is a gift and not a given.” – Evan Cooper, author of Um, Like . . . OM

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Paperback releases 9/7/20. Audio book to follow in the next few weeks.


An excerpt from my memoir: Seconds & Inches: Marriage/Divorce

I can help you figure it out-stay or go?

If you are open to Figure It Out-fill out this form and let’s connect.

The most painful process for me was figuring out what to do. I would never tell anyone what to do or if they should stay or leave. I do wish I had someone who has been through the process that could help guide me and provide me with tools and work so I could make the right choices for myself and my kids. This form helps me get to know where your head is and how far along the path you are. There are no “right” or “wrong” decisions in this matter, only what is true for you. And the good news is, you have time and space to walk through it all. #theonlywayoutisthrough #therearenoshortcuts #inyourcornerdivorce #thecureforthepainisinthepain

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