Podcast Episode: Brenda Berry-Love Spelunker

Latest episode!

Episode 15 starts off with a bang as I realized I forgot to press record after 45 minutes of genius sharing on Brenda’s part. But this simply shows the incredible person that she is as she rolled with it, laughed with me and dove deep into the dark hallways that we all must walk through on our journey through love.
If you would like to connect with Brenda check out her website sacredcelebrations.net (sacredcelebrations.net )

For any listeners who are interested in divorce coaching with me feel free to email me at inyourcornercoach@gmail.com


A Northstar Divorce. What is it? Who was behind it? What can it do for you, your kids, and the world?

Honored to interview with my soul brother, Scott Simon. Now releasing weekly podcasts on Wednesdays. Subscribe on iTunes, Blubrry, Spotify, or wherever you like to listen.


Will your kids help us get a better idea of what your divorce is like for them?

Have your kids fill out this form. It took mine 3 minutes. (I sent it to their phones).

It took mine 3 minutes. (I sent it to their phones).

I am trying to get an honest idea of what divorce is like from the kid’s perspective. I will not share your responses with your parents. I promise.

*(Unless you tell me something that could put you or someone else at risk).

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