“I wear a sash like a beauty queen,” writes Carly Israel, “except mine reads Broken.”

A child of alcoholics and grandchild of Holocaust survivors, Carly Israel, reveals herself, like an old friend, as she attempts to figure out who she is while hiding her inner world, full of self-hatred and addiction. A path that would lead to death or sobriety and eventually a new set of challenges as the mother of a child with life-threatening medical issues.

Throughout Seconds and Inches are thank-you letters that Israel writes to loved ones and supportive friends, but also to schoolyard bullies and unkind strangers, all of whom have taught her crucial lessons and helped her become the person she is: “a badass, sparkly, lit-up, on fire, brutally honest, potty-mouthed, tattooed woman.”

Praised by Jennifer Pastiloff as a “haunting and beautiful” memoir, Seconds and Inches is a story of recovery and transformation, and a thoughtful reflection on generational trauma, gratitude, and forgiveness.

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