What is a Northstar Divorce?

As an executive relationship and divorce coach, I offer an approach to divorce that could change the landscape of divorce for generations to come.


I am a certified coach specializing in a few specific areas.

Figuring It Out

For me, the most challenging part of the whole process was knowing what to do. I knew that divorce was “bad” and that my kids would suffer and everyone around me would judge me, but I was tortured inside with how to decide which path to take.

Figuring It Out is a 60 minute session, either solo or with both parents, where we lay out the facts and I ask you really uncomfortable questions and then I show you your options.

Nuts & Bolts

Nuts & Bolts session is best done with both parents, but can be done with only one. It is worth its weight in gold. In this 90 minute session, we go over best practices to include in your Shared Parenting Plan.

You walk away with agreed upon, crucial items to have whoever is writing your SPP plan and these items will provide security, love and assurance of a Northstar Divorce, in writing, so that future partners cannot change what both parents agree upon is best for their kids.

Northstar Divorce Bootcamp

This is a 5 session (60 min/session) package that will provide the platform and tools to get you through the emotional baggage and pain that will mess up your kids if you don’t get through. Each session will have a required assignment before we meet. This work is HARD and transformative. Regardless of what your co-parent is willing to do, you get to choose how you want this next chapter to go.

Email me if you are ready to get started: inyourcornercoach@gmail.com

When I embarked on the terrifying road of divorce I got many sad faces with pity and apologies and it felt like the world around me thought my life was over.

And while the process of divorce, the legal aspects, the logistics and the aftermath are painful and overwhelming, I refused to allow this to define me. The universe told me to reach out to a guy named Scott Simon, who I was only friends with on Facebook and knew that he had gone through a divorce and was kicking life’s ass. I reached out to him, ended up on his couch, connecting for hours and a soul sibling relationship unfolded.

Scott taught me about the concept of the Northstar. How when sailors are lost in the dark and cannot find their way home, they look to the Northstar to get back on course and can always find home.

The Northstar

He explained that my children would need to be my Northstar. That in all decisions I would need to look to them to guide me.

A Northstar Divorce

A Northstar Divorce is when you make your children the main focus of all your decisions based on what is best for them, putting aside your baggage, emotions, anger, and old stories.

Who should hire me as their coach:

What is a Divorce Coach?

You gave me such great advice and insights in such a short time…you are worth so much more than the ridiculous marriage counselor I’ve been working with.

Figuring It Out Client

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